All beverages are a Hashish blend medicinal tonic comprising of one dose per person. Each beverage has been formulated with Cannabis strain specificity in mind. These beverages are used for chronic pain relief, intestinal relief, deep REM sleep, stress relief, increased appetite and anti-inflammatory.


  • Blue Dream Razz
    Blue Dream Razz
  • Bubba Kush Root Beer
    Bubba Kush Root Beer
  • Cherry Bomb Cola
    Cherry Bomb Cola
  • Flo Energy
    Flo Energy
  • Orange Kush
    Orange Kush



Does CanCore Concepts sell Cannabis?

No, CanCore Concepts is an intellectual property company. They sell the license to sell their products to medical states. Our state licensed facilities sell the infused products to licensed vendors.

How do you produce a consistent dosage in your products?

Using our own CO2 extraction process, we put the extracted Cannabis oil through independent laboratory analysis. Then we take the percentage of THC, and through simple alegebra, we are able to calculate how much is needed for each individual batch produced. By getting the CO2 oil tested, we are able to ensure consistent dosage of THC in any of our CanCore Concepts products.

How long can I keep a “soda strain” in my refrigerator?

All bottles are stamped with an expiration date to ensure product integrity. Expired products can be consumed, but we cannot guarantee the THC dosage.

How can I order “soda strains”? Can you ship to my home?

“Soda strains” are produced for licensed Colorado dispensaries. If you live in Colorado, and your local dispensary doesn’t carry our products, just ask them to contact us and we will be happy to deliver it there. (To bring infused products and Cannabis across state lines is federally illegal.)


If there is any additional information you may require or questions that you would like answered, please feel free to contact us.

Keef Cola

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